Scott’s Costa Rica Timeline

  • 08 Dec 2014

    Comic Books and Travel Blogs/ San Jose, Costa Rica In the neighborhood /Hotel Aranjuez/ San Jose, Costa Rica

    Towards the end of a visit, I sort through high points, low points, things that didn’t work out, things that went well. If you keep a journal, write a blog, take photos, or go with someone, you have a way to remember what happens. Traveling solo is tricky because you get off the beaten track, […]

  • 08 Dec 2014

    Hemingway Inn/ San Jose, Costa Rica Barrio Amon

    In walks, I see other places I might like to stay in San Jose, Costa Rica. This Inn has been passed before and always merits a second glance. From the outside, it appears Hemingway really might have resided in one of the upstairs rooms and composed at a little desk with an old typewriter and […]

  • 08 Dec 2014

    Night Sweats The Earth shakes

    Tourist season is blooming. Tour companies pack nature lovers into Costa Rica’s National Parks, visit rain forests, hike into volcanic arenas, provide sights for photographers, bird watchers and naturalists. You can do zip lines, take aerial trams, trek up steep mountainsides, or river run to your heart’s content. Yet, there is trouble in paradise. This […]

  • 08 Dec 2014

    Rainbow outside Hotel Aranjuez/San Jose No one out except those who got up early

    This rainbow is out early.  It is Sunday and two tourists with big cameras are walking in the middle of the street ahead of me with lens in the shooting position,  talking French. This rainbow is beginning to lose its colors but you can still see its bands; yellow, blue, green and pink semicircles. It […]

  • 07 Dec 2014

    National Museum, San Jose Jail exhibit

    The Costa Rican National Museum is not world winning architecture. It is a renovated Spanish fort, and, for that reason, has little frills. Inside you see thick walls, peer through lookout holes in towers, pass through heavy wooden doors with huge iron hinges and visualize old days of conquest. From our guide, we learn that Spanish dominance […]

  • 07 Dec 2014

    City Tour, San Jose, National Theatre Points of interest

    Checklist traveling has advantages. You go to guidebooks, visit sites and attractions, book  tours with an English speaking guide, get familiar with places deemed newsworthy by those in the know. You see five to seven points of interest, stop and walk, listen to an oral history given by your guide, get picked up at your […]

  • 06 Dec 2014

    Tour Day at Hotel Aranjuez Just waiting for the bus

      Half of the world is in winter with temps in the teens, or worse. Here, it is seventies with humidity but the sun shines more often than it hides. Jose, at the front desk, says it is busy in San Jose most of the year and his hotel has more visitors from France than […]

  • 06 Dec 2014

    Temple of Music Handstands Friday afternoon

    The Temple of Music belongs in a different time and place. This edifice is in a downtown San Jose, Costa Rica city park where music is performed and people congregate. This afternoon there is a group of young gymnasts practicing handstands under the temple dome, entertaining those who are passing through. A young man with tattoos seems […]

  • 06 Dec 2014

    Namu Folk Art Gallery, San Jose Masks, arrows and color

    This little gift shop is not far from the Holiday Inn in Old San Jose, a hop skip and jump from the Municipal Square, a stone’s throw from the Gold and Jade Museo’s, several blocks from casinos. In past trips, I bought from this shop on credit and shipped items to Albuquerque that were received […]

  • 05 Dec 2014

    Breakfast Buffet, Hotel Aranjuez Eating for eating's sake

    One of the draws of this San Jose, Costa Rica hotel is a serve yourself buffet breakfast. It is not only a buffet breakfast with choices, but you get famous Costa Rican coffee, deep, dark, flavorful, in a big cup. The breakfast runs from seven to nine every morning. Guests pick up their meal pass […]

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