Shop ’til You Drop

Cupid’s Arrows watch out - here comes one

On the wall of a shop,these Cupid twins smile lustily, with a trace of the Devil in their expressions. Cupids are often cherubs with smiling faces, flowing blond hair,rotund bodies. They fly in the air with ease and are particularly in evidence in palace gardens where...

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Morning Vision setting out mannikins

Along the Hotel Zone main road in Tulum, Mexico there are diversions. There are small coffee shops that sell Mexican coffee, flavored with sugar, and delicious pastries for individual palates. Restaurants push seafood, Indian food, Italian, Chinese, Vegan and Mexican...

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Money Exchange pesos to dollars, dollars to pesos

Today, the exchange rate is nineteen pesos to a dollar. Along the Hotel Zone strip, ATM's, when they are working, dispense pesos and/or dollars. If you need money, you walk, bike, or drive to a little pitched roof shack on the main road not far from the Hemingway Eco...

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Sales Receipt as real as it gets

Sales receipts are prosaic. On most there are times and dates, food ordered and its price, balances due and how the bill was paid. There is a spot for taxes and gratuities. There can be series of numbers indicating stock numbers of merchandise, re-order times,...

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Drones In your neighborhood

Drones, as defined in middle school, were worker bees who served the Queen, built and maintained the hive, and lived a dronish life. In high school, drone became a word describing people working in cubicles who did jobs the CEO hadn't figured out how to eliminate....

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Farmers Market by the Rincon RV Resort front office

Farmers Markets are popular. This market, on a Wednesday, opens at nine and features a smattering of produce, vendors selling chili rellenos and rice bowls, massage therapy in a chair, potions and ointments made from cactus and other desert plants, jewelry and yard...

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Grocery shopping in Nicaragua Cheap for who?

A trip to the grocery in a foreign country can be setting yourself up for shock treatment. There are items in the grocery here that are less than what I pay at home, but many items are far more expensive. In a country where the minimum wage for a working guy or girl...

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Panama Hat Epicenter a traditional Ecuadorian craft

Panama hats have oddly enough always been made in Ecuador. From the 1600's, the weaving of hats out of the leaves of the toquilla palm has been done, at it's finest level ,on the western coast of Ecuador. These best hats are called Montecristo's and are from the...

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Karana – House of Chocolate Equadorian export

Chocolate is a money maker for Ecuador. Karana is a Cuenca chocolate shop that uses only the best chocolate ( arriba) and makes their own delights in a kitchen in the back of their showroom. This business is located at the intersection of Guayas and Pinchincha and...

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Public Mercado down Gaspar Sangrimuno from Luis Cordero

In the historical district are public mercados where vendors sell fruits, vegetables, meats, fish, and sundries from little stalls inside huge open buildings. There are modern groceries in Cuenca but visitors, and locals, like to shop in this old way.   On...

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Dorado Panaderia In the Cuenca Historical District

  If you like strolling empty sidewalks with little traffic, and only a few walkers, seven in the morning is good in Cuenca, Ecuador. It is a downhill jaunt from the end of Munoz Luis Cordero to the Parque Calderone. There are many General streets in this...

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Sorry- Closed Monday morning in San Pedro Town

  This computer store in San Pedro Town has Monday hours that show they should be open at 9:00 a.m. When I arrive, at 9;15 a.m., to get help making memory on my I Phone by transferring photos to a memory stick , the sign on their front door says "closed ." ...

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