The saying used to be ” An apple a day keeps the Doctor Away. ”  In 2017, there were 27,339 Starbucks stores globally.  Back in World War 2, coffee kept pilots awake on long flights to targeted cities, helped wives and girlfriends who watched the postman walk up to the front door with fear. On Route 66, coffee was served in diners for five cents a cup to wash down blue plate specials, chicken fried steak with mixed vegetables, potato’s and gravy. Coffee was a working man’s drink. At a recent European Cardiac Society Congress,however, coffee was recognized as having significant positive correlations with keeping coffee drinkers alive. According to their most recent scientific study, older people drinking two cups a day of Joe had a thirty percent reduction in mortality rates. Coffee was discovered to lower one’s risk for Alzheimer’s, diabetes, heart disease, stroke, liver disease and Parkinson’s.  This sign, says, with certainty, that ” three cups a day keeps the Doctor away.  With Doctor’s track records, mortality should be on every patient’s mind. If drinking coffee made us young again, Starbucks would triple in size overnight.  
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