Drones, as defined in middle school, were worker bees who served the Queen, built and maintained the hive, and lived a dronish life. In high school, drone became a word describing people working in cubicles who did jobs the CEO hadn’t figured out how to eliminate. Now, much older, drones are flying in my neighborhood, rumored to be delivering packages but mostly collecting data for the C.I.A and Deep State.. Original drones were for hobbyists who moved to them from model airplanes. Drones have flexibility. They can hover, do quick turns, are lightweight, easy to maneuver, and can go places planes can’t. In later incarnations, surveillance cameras were added, and, in warfare, missiles were mounted that could be triggered in Virginia to take out insurgents in Iraq. These DJI Phantom’s are for sale in Best Buy, not any more expensive than a computer,or a nice camera lens,or big screen TV. In the right hands, drones take breathtaking videos around the world that you can see on You Tube.  The move to make machines to execute our desire for power, pleasure,spying and money intensifies. Drones are now a reality we are going to be hearing more about, whether we want to, or not. Technology, as we all know, has lots of plus, and lots of minus.  
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