Farmers Markets are popular. This market, on a Wednesday, opens at nine and features a smattering of produce, vendors selling chili rellenos and rice bowls, massage therapy in a chair, potions and ointments made from cactus and other desert plants, jewelry and yard ornaments,information on real estate and medical insurance. This morning, happening at the same time and place as the market, is a Rincon Club Photo Session for the Geneology and Pickelball  Clubs. With over a thousand spaces in this park, there are lots of over 55 folks looking to while away spare time. There is a railroad club, metal shop, sewing and quilting hen house. There is ballroom dancing, square dancing, jewelry making, hiking, bird watching. There are clubs for golfers and bridge players and a poker room. You can spend your time in genealogy, archeology, mixology or any theology you like. Vendors wait for business to pick up today. Many follow a circuit and this is one of many venues where they show their wares during the week.Yard ornaments are well priced with bright colors drawing people like bright flowers attracting pollinating insects. ” The peacock is very nice, ” I comment as an older woman walks gingerly on the grass past me to look at its price tag. ” i know, ” she says wistfully, ” but I’m on a fixed income. ” This retirement paradise gives me a feeling of loss. Watching a generation with experience and knowledge and wealth consigning themselves to walks and shuffleboard seems oddly wasteful. Even old people can’t always afford what they want, or pay dearly for what they think they need. I should have bought her the peacock but her husband wouldn’t have been too happy about it.  
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