The Mogpog market is a place we return each day, more than once,  By lunch most of the fresh products have been sold, fisherman have returned to sleep in their berths after a night on the waters. There are newly slaughtered hogs carried into the market throughout the day, loaded on tables and butchered in public..Flounders look at you with both eyes, flat as pancakes on a diner grill. Chickens, plucked and washed, lie in neat rows, headless. Vegetables look like a Monet painting with their colors bright and bold, splashes from Mother Nature’s paint pot. Today, we shop for a graduation party and look for a Barbie doll for little girl Gwen. The market is a kaleidoscope of images, a cacophony of sounds, a security blanket of the familiar. We find Gwen her Barbie and she carries it home, in the box, happy as a new mom.  
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