After a big rain, these mushrooms appear in my back yard.

This yard used to be dirt, stones, brush, debris, unused patio bricks, dead leaves and trash. There were overgrown vines, broken trellises and shrubs in need of water. A small tree was removed, litter raked and put in trash cans, earth leveled and turned over. Flower beds were reconstructed. After new desert plants were tucked in, sod was brought from Home Depot. Mr. Porter, a neighbor, loaned me his wheelbarrow and twenty strips of sod were wheeled back and laid down,knitted together by hand. 

Closeups reveal these mushrooms to be delicate, white with streaks of purple. Against the green grass, still moist from last night’s  rain, they are very much alive.They clump like clouds and the edges of their circles, almost transparent, look like nipples.

After a day, these back yard mushrooms turn brown.

That is when I cut them with a weed eater like the uninvited squatters that they are.


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