There is controversy whether this is a lighthouse and whether Columbus’s bones are really inside the small iron box in the center of an ornate display.

Columbus found this island before he found the bigger continent up north and returned to the Dominican Republic to raise his family. He was a visionary as well as a businessman and having audience with Kings and Queens was no easy task. Mounting an expedition that was going into uncharted territory was dangerous and soul searching enterprise. Had he not been the discovery of an equally as old world on the other side of the planet, someone else would.

This memorial is not really a lighthouse, and, for my taste, not so attractive. I’m guessing the great man would have rather remained in the Cathedral in Parque Colon, but, he had no choice. His bones couldn’t stand up and speak for him.

The biggest things I learned today was that, when walking, things you see are much further to get to than they look. When you are on ground level you can’t see where you need to go. Whenever you get lost, call a taxi and pay a few bucks to get where you are going.

If Columbus had just called a taxi, history would have gotten a real jump start.


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