Down from the Moreno bridge, this wall mural gives a quick lesson on Ecuador. All the familiar Ecuador themes are presented  in public here.

There is a Panama hat that bobs its way through Cuenca. The making of Panama hats goes far back into Ecuadorian history. Oddly, the only people who wear these hats today are people from small towns. Teens favor baseball caps decorated with professional soccer team logos.

There is a pig spread eagled on the wall. Ecuadorians love pork and in the mercado you see roasted pigs laid out for the lunch trade. 

A woman washes clothes in the river.

There are candles and a church at the top of a winding road. There are Inca symbols, spirit faces, and corn.

This is a country that has one foot in the Amazon jungle and the other in Andes clouds.

Ecuador’s mural is not like one of Canada, the United States,New Zealand, or South Africa.

Life would be intolerable if we had to look at the same mural in every country we visited.




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