The only thing missing is a black cat.

I look in a wicker chair by the front door for a curled feline with its tail wrapped around its contracted paws. I look on top of the nearest bookshelf where wind funnels through an open window. I look under one of the big slouchy chairs in front of a huge mosaic top coffee table.

This bookstore/coffeehouse is family friendly, well attended, and has friendly employees.

There are families with kids, backpackers, retired ex-pats wearing shorts and sandals, locals checking e mails on free wifi.

There is money to be made feeding the soul, and no one in those old Route 66 diners would have ever thought that the five cent cup of coffee would morph into Starbucks.

Expanding coffee and cats into the Universe is the next step.

We followed monkeys into space and there are no good reasons cat’s and coffee shops shouldn’t go next.



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