Before seven in the morning, a kid passes me on a bicycle, waves at another man on a bicycle going the other way past us, carrying a five gallon plastic bucket and a fishing pole home with breakfast. When the kid makes a left towards the water, a block past me, I know he is fishing too. His fishing pole hanging over his bicycle handlebars, pointing the way. 

There are usually fishermen here early in the morning, just at sunrise, and in the evening, at sunset. While you can catch fish other times of day, you mostly watch  fisherman and let them tell you when the time is best to bait a hook, cast out, and wait for the fish to get hungry.

This park, by the Napolitan Casino. will have walkers and exercise people soon. There will be city crews who are putting down sod and casual strollers taking the fresh air. There are no beaches here but the water draws .

At the end of the concrete jetty, the two compadres cast out and share the moment.

Fishermen are eternally hopeful.

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