According to one of my first guides, Alberto, this was where parts of the movie ” Godfather ” was filmed.

Alberto who is missing one leg but transports with crutches, even on these up and down streets,took me on a tour the other day to the Plaza Espana, which is close, and the Alcazar de Don Colon.

This Godfather street, like the famous Steve McQueen ” Bullet ” chase scene street in San Francisco, is already famous. We watch enough movies that movie places become even more recognizable than the streets in our town.

This street is a tough walk, uphill, but not as tough as some. The little multicolored house fronts look traditionally Caribbean and the wine bottle stuck in one of the pedestrian  rails looks like a good solution to sticking the bottle in your back pocket or purse, or pitching in onto the street below.

The Godfather street this Monday afternoon is not busy. People stand on corners to visit and a horse and carriage whisk past.

This is a place the Godfather would have hung out, drinking and smoking a fine cigar while deciding the direction his crime organization was going to go.

Even in crime, you have to always be concerned with competition.


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