The last time Mombacho erupted was in the 1500’s.

It is a strato volcano and deposited lava for miles around its base. Its rich volcanic soil is a bonanza for coffee, rice, and bean plantations that cover the flat lands below us. From our observation point we can see Lake Nicaragua, the Laguna de Apoyo, the red tiled roofs of Granada and thousands of green acres of fincas.

This morning Jose, our guide, leads Ur and myself, around one of Mombacho’s several craters.

Nicaragua is in the Ring of fire that is a belt of earthquake and volcanic activity where the America’s meet the Pacific Ocean . Managua has earthquakes and Ur, from South Korea, tells me that that city, where he now volunteers, is still suffering from last year’s quake.

Visiting Nicaragua without visiting a volcano is like visiting Disneyland without going on a ride.

The chances are Mombacho isn’t going to erupt soon, but tomorrow can spin out of control with one turn of nature’s dial.

When this sleeping volcano wakes, the Earth trembles.


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