Rum has been around for centuries.

Columbus brought the first sugarcane to the new world, and, shortly after, the first sugar cane plantation, worked by slaves, was begun in the New World.  A trade route was begun with Europe bringing African slaves to the America’s, trading them for rum, tobacco, cotton and other resources to take back to Europe. A rich merchant class was built on people working under a hot sun having someone else tell them when they could stop.

Rum is said to increase good cholesterol, combat artery blockages to help prevent heart attacks and disease. Rum is low calorie, strengthens bones,promotes heart health,combats muscle pain,fights the common cold, acts as a sleep aid, extends longevity, reduces the risk of alzheimer’s disease.

Sir Francis Drake gave his sailors a daily shot of rum and pirates drank the stuff instead of water, which was not always available sailing across oceans.

The Museo of Rum in the Zona Colonia makes rum on the premises and has a tasting bar, which is free.

I buy myself some coffee flavored rum I hope I can get through Customs and back home, and I plan to implement a daily regimen of rum for all the health benefits I didn’t know, till now, that accrue from drinking it.

I will never become a Los Angeles Raider football fan though.

Pirates, even Jack Sparrow, are too shady for my taste,

Drinking rum is about the only thing pirates and myself have in common.


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