This little gift shop is not far from the Holiday Inn in Old San Jose, a hop skip and jump from the Municipal Square, a stone’s throw from the Gold and Jade Museos, several blocks from casinos.

In past trips, I bought here on credit and shipped items to Albuquerque that were received in good shape in good time. So, this trip, I go back to talk to Deborah about their website, ordering and shipping capabilities. I occasionally dream about starting an Albuquerque gallery with a few artists from around the world, some folk art, sea shells and ceramics, live music. It is an easy dream, like most dreams. 

Browsing, I come across an authentic bow with arrows with hard wood points and bird feather quills for stability and distance. I find fine woven baskets from Panama, and woven masks. There are imitations of pre-Colombian pottery and carvings from the Tigua nut. There are bright colors, wood, stone, clay, fabric.

I  buy the bow and  arrows and make arrangements to have them shipped, all paid for with my credit card, amazing in itself that someone in a foreign country would accept credit from someone they just met and will most likely never meet again. 

How the hell did those ancient hunters hit running animals in rough terrain, in questionable weather, with these questionable weapons?

Their dreams were deeper than mine, all about life, death, and Gods.

I’m going to hang the bow and arrows on one of my living room walls to remind me how easy I have it.









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