The bus ride from Punta Del Este back to Montevideo takes three hours and ends at the Three Crosses Terminal.

Downstairs, bus companies, representing large and small bus lines that cover all routes in the country, are selling tickets and loading luggage and passengers.

Upstairs, there is a mall with shopping, places to eat, and entertainment. At a place where people from all over the country come and go and have time and money, what better place to put a mall?

Christmas is here and instead of Santa’s elves, we have cute little cows. 

Some future trip of mine will be one long bus ride. It will be a stop and go vacation. Go till you are tired or come to something you want to see, and then stop. Once you stop liking where you are, you get up and go again. Hopscotching the globe could take a lifetime.

From here, I am going to Salto, a city famous for hot mineral springs and the perfect travel doctor’s prescription for a weary traveler. 

Warming up in hot mineral baths is something even the ancient Romans did after a long year of subjugating their neighbors.

I can hardly wait to ease my way into hot water as raindrops squiggle down the windows of the bus and overcast skies threaten to make this Christmas gloomy.

I am on the move again and hoping I land securely on my two feet.

Salto is at the north side of Uruguay, nowhere near the water, set in the middle of grasslands with nothing too enticing to tourists.

It will be my last stop this trip before heading home.


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