When you ask locals where the best places are, in Granada, to get soup, El Garaje restaurant is first to be mentioned.

The first time I walked past the place, it didn’t register as important.

It was closed because of an electrical outage but the proprietor came to the door and apologized and shook my hand.

When I returned. he remembered my name.

The restaurant is called  ” El Garaje ” because it occupies a spot that someone’s car used to occupy. Many homes in Granada have a garage inside their house, behind iron gates. You enter, park, and then walk up steps into your living room.

This restaurant has limited seating, and, when full, stays full until someone leaves. Paul serves and his wife cooks.

At eleven in the morning, thirty minutes before opening, a group waits to enter.

Paul opens at eleven thirty sharp and we are seated and order off chalkboards mounted on a plastered wall.

The vegetable barley soup is so good that I go back to the menu for a pulled pork sandwich with caramalized onions and homemade cole slaw without mayo,

I leave without trying the sour orange cheesecake.

There is fine dining in Granada.

You just have to find the right garage.



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