The Solid Grounds Coffeehouse is a Saturday night on the town at Saint Steven’s Methodist Church in Albuquerque. The music is free, coffee and doughnuts are free, the spiritual tune up after the first set is free, and good friendly spirits are welcome.

Featured tonight is the Watermelon Mountain Jug Band, a local group who has performed in Albuquerque almost forty years.

The bio’s on their website show them to be retired educators,their music to be more than jug band. their performing schedule expansive. They have a jug, a washtub bass, a washboard, play spoons and kazoo’s, and have a great banjo player. They play Bob Dylan, original compositions, country, folk, rock and roll, blues, and even do requests made up on the spur of the moment.

Two steppers are on the dance floor tonight and the Watermelon jug band serves up a healthy plate of country swing in their first set.

Southwest deserts and southeast hollows both have experiences with poverty and making do.

Jug bands say you don’t need fancy instruments or conservatory training to make people tap their feet, dance, sing along, and have a good time.







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