This dark blue Ford Ranger has seen better days. Once, it was new on the lot and a salesman kicked its tires, opened its doors and sweet talked clients into the driver’s seat to take a whiff of its new car smell. Windows opened and closed, air conditioning cooled and the heater warmed. The engine purred. Now, doors are banged and there is rust where its skin has been punctured, windows are rolled down and have cracks that look like road maps. You aren’t going to see Cadillac’s or Volvo’s or Mercedes in a McDonald’s lot. You see old cars, used cars, cars that have things wrong but still get people to work if they are lucky enough to have a job. On this vehicle the message is the same from every direction – Jesus Saves. If someone driving this beat up pickup feels saved, I want to pick up their Bible and see what they have highlighted in yellow.  
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