This group belongs in cabarets in Berlin, London, Paris, after World War 2, without the smoke, SS Officers and floozies.   A first response to new music is often to discount or find faults with it because it is new. Another response is to recognize new music as new, overpraise it, and find no faults at all. I  leave criticism in my back pocket. If all music were the same, or all posts, or all websites, or all opinions, or all people, it would be a sadder world. During one of the songs, vocalist Tina Panera, holds a hat up and sings a sad song about ” this old hat..” I am enchanted.and drop a crisp bill into Tina’s old hat so she can buy herself a less comfortable new one.  Musicians know lots about tip jars, old hats, sad songs, war and peace, love, injustice. You hear some great music in airports when you least expect it. I’m getting whisked back on a time trip in the Albuquerque Sunport International Airport and I don’t even have to go through security or board a plane. Wars experienced vicariously are much better than those you have to fight in.    
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