This 800 square foot frame stucco two bedroom one bath single car garage house has been in the family since the fifties. It  has been a residence for dozens of renters, some good, some bad. Through time, much property maintenance was done that is now being re-done. It rents for seven hundred and fifty a month today when one hundred and twenty five used to give a renter the front door key. This time the place is for sale to a good owner, someone who has time and money to grow a garden in the back yard, put in rocks and desert landscaping, add another room and a bath. The neighborhood, by San Mateo and Kathryn, is  acceptable though you see transients pushing grocery carts down San Mateo towards Wal Mart. The War Zone is a few miles to the east but homes in this Parkland Hills neighborhood still show signs of committed ownership with new windows, landscaping, solar panels. It brings back ghosts to work here. I see my dad fixing a front screen door and brothers raking leaves and mowing the front yard when it had grass, decades ago. Two big Chinese elms occupy the front yard and birds leave presents on my car each day I park here. I miss my Dad sorely, but this house won’t be mourned when a new owner moves in. A Sold sign will bring me closure.  
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