Walking, you see odd stuff. This Museo and Cafe is on a walkway, just down from one of the tortuous staircases that lead you from Cuenca’s Historical District to the Tomebomba river. The first time I tried to visit this curiosity, its front door was closed. The second time the front door was actually open. A sign on the next door inside said to ring a buzzer and admittance was one dollar and fifty cents. I rang, but no one came to let me in. This third visit a tall lean kid opens the front door, says nothing as I am standing on the sidewalk behind him, goes through the interior door and slams it without saying a word. He is too thin to be Pugsly. Sometimes you have to let stuff go. For now, their website is my only entry into their world. Sometimes places are prohibited for good reason. If I enter through these locked and bolted museum doors, I might become one of the exhibits.  
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