” All of Me ” is a jazz standard, a song called often at jam sessions and performances, a standard that  has been going strong since the 40’s. Tonight’s performance brings back the Big Band era after World War 2 when ballrooms,in big as well as small towns, turned lights down and let dancers cuddle through the melody with their feet making tiny squares on the dance floors as emotions arced back and forth between husbands and wives, lovers, friends in the process of becoming more than friends. The featured vocalist this evening is a transfer to the band from Virginia and is introduced by Chris, happy to have her singing with the band. Lillian caresses the song and it holds up well, even if it is played by musicians wearing camouflage pants and black T shirts. In the old days,these musicians would have worn suits and ties and the vocalist would have packed herself into a Las Vegas torch singer dress. Music, as does art,literature, and drama, captures the mood. time, and place it was composed and reveals how we were, how we are, and how we believe we should be. ” All of me”, tonight, wraps a generation in it’s arms and gives them all a big gentle honest kiss. Dancing with your honey in a big ballroom ,with lots of other couples, made the evils of the war front drift away till reveille sounded the next morning and sent you back into battle.. Feeling love in a hate filled world was what all G.I.’s dreamed about in their foxholes, in the middle of the Pacific on a ship, or hidden in the clouds on a bombing run over enemy territory.      
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