Waiting for the Doctor, after a nurse has checked my oxygen levels, put me on a scale, written down my issues on her note pad, the examining room is as basic as the intake procedure. There are some Q tips in a little jar next to the sink. There is an examination table with a paper sheet on top of it..There is a secure box for used needles, a few magazines in a little rack on the wall. A medical equipment tool is close by. There are posters on the walls warning and informing about flu season, shingles, sexually transmitted diseases and a chart that indicates what weight I should be for my height.  In some rooms like this, doctors display their certificates of graduation from medical schools and photos of their kids. In most examination rooms, wherever they have been in the world, I have chatted with this exact same bone guy on the wall. What I can’t figure is why he is always smiling and why he has such a good set of teeth? Put him in a nice set of clothes and give him a drink and he could be life of any party. 206 bones is a lot of architecture and the God who designed, and assembled us, combined functionality with a fantastic attention to detail. If our bones don’t line up, we are in a pile of trouble. He tells me I have weight on since the last time we met, and the worst things about skeletons is that they don’t lie.   
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