Mombacho Volcano is only two thousand feet above sea level but it has a commanding presence. From the Vista Mombacho Apartments, as well as most places in Granada, you can see its summit with its halo of clouds, a reminder that we live on an active planet spinning through an unimaginably large solar system in an unmeasurable universe. As you climb Mombacho, it gets cooler, and once you start hiking you lose sight of the sun, moving up and down narrow paths cut through the jungle. You step on stones and steps made from tree trunks. The canopy is over head and you wouldn’t want to get off the path because there are canyons and drop offs. Water drips from leaves, ferns and trails are slick. Jose directs our attention to a bromelia that thrives in this rain forest. He explains what monkeys really like to eat. There are monkeys in this rain forest, as well as jaqaurs and small mammals. None have reason to interact with awkward, loud humans. After our lesson, we continue, cool, secluded, smarter. The animals are watching us, hidden in the undergrowth.  
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