It costs me six dollars to go by taxi from Ciudad Vieja in Montevideo to the Tres Cruces bus terminal in Montevideo, and only eleven dollars to ride a brand new air conditioned bus from Tres Cruces to Punta Del Este, one way, an hour and a half ride away.

Leaving the congestion of Montevideo, middle class neighborhoods whisk past, malls and industrial parks visible through the bus windows as we wind our way into the countryside. Cities look much the same the world around, once you leave tourist stops. Many tourists choose to just stick with guide book stuff, statues, museums, parks, national historical sights. However, we can design any kind of trip we want, linger if we wish, jump ahead when we get bored. 

A trip, after all, is only as small or large as the inside of your skull and the limit on your credit card..

I am going to the beach and not shedding crocodile tears to leave big city Montevideo and all it’s big city bustle and bluster..

As our bus follows the highway out of town, buildings get scarcer and cows start popping up like targets in a shooting gallery.

I can appreciate cities as the place most people have to live now to make a living, but, in the country, we can go barefoot if we choose, have space to extend our arms, and howl at the moon if we feel like it.

I’ll be back to urban Montevideo, but, right now, sand and surf is  calling me with the crook of their little finger.





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