My bus arrives at two fifteen in the afternoon in Punta Del Este and one of the attendants finds my forgotten hat and brings it out to me at a taxi stand which is spectacularly kind. 

A taxi driver sees me and pulls up quickly, loads me and my stuff, and whisks us all to the Hotel Playa Brava which is only a five minute cab ride from the bus terminal. 

Unpacked and checked in, it is a short stair climb to the observation deck on the hotel roof to see what I can see.

The surf is just blocks away.The sky is blue, lighter than the blue water, diffused with light, clear, endless. Water stretches to the horizon where it meets sky and the line there is like a wall meeting a floor.

The owner of the Hotel Playa Brava, Juan Carlos, tells me in English about a tourist bus I can take to see Punta Del Este and the famous sunset at Casa Villaro..

This city is another room in the Uruguay mansion and it is light, airy, and contemporary.

From this rooftop I can see what pirate’s saw from their crows nest, scanning the horizon for land, hoping for ships flying Spanish flags filled with gold and silver.

While I’m not likely to find gold and silver here, except dangling on tourists necks, I am getting excited.

Being from the desert, water always gets my interest.







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