This sweet roll is pure Texas.

Tired of omelets, biscuits and gravy, toast, waffles, steaks with eggs over easy, diners can opt for a non-politically correct breakfast that Lyle Lovett would feature in song.

This roll fills a plate instead of a saucer. It would go well on Caesar’s table at a fine Roman buffet where elites dine with the Emperor served by slaves and entertained by musicians and dancing girls.

This morning Dave and the Russian Vera join forces, one with a fork and the other a knife. The roll is carefully, surgically divided into smaller bites and by the end of breakfast they have finished half and put the other half in a takeout box.

Caesar’s appetites go beyond normal mortals. For us, this roll is impossible to eat, even with a helper.

I look for togas here but people in Pier 19 are wearing windbreakers and baseball caps and look middle class. We have a Caesar in the White House,but, as far as I know,he doesn’t have a professional food taster.

Vera will have to walk miles to deal recover from this decadence.

Dave never gains weight but he will need a smoke before breakfast is done.

E-Harmony is doing as much for foreign relations as all the American Ambassadors put together.



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