Inside the downtown Marble Street Brewery, adults pursue spirits, music, networking, barbecue ribs, chips and salsa, self promotion, smoozing, passionate political arguments, soothing ruffled feathers, looking for sex, patching up business deals. Outside the brewery, kids, watched by their Mom’s, build castles with lego’s on the sidewalk.  When little, we played baseball at dusk in the street,rode simple bicycles down to the local five and ten, dug tunnels in arroyos. In evening baseball we could barely see the white tennis ball coming at us as we stood in the batter’s box. Home plate was a street manhole and first, second and third bases were chalked in at the curbs. We were still playing when the night streetlights came on.  Adults were nowhere to be seen, leaving us to our own devices, waiting for us to grow up and get out on our own. This evening reminds me of the 1950’s. These kid’s skyscrapers are already teetering from the weight of the next block. Their screams, as their skyscraper falls and blocks spread over the sidewalk like a witch doctor’s bones, are happy. Happy screams are the best ones to hear.  
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