Surrounded by dogs, all on leashes, this long hair consults his map. It isn’t certain whether this group is going on a field trip, going to relieve themselves, headed for a romp on the beach, or just following their leader, who holds their leashes. They are stopped and the dog walker takes out a plastic bag and picks up a present left by one of his charges. It is certain he is the only one doing this nasty chore in this port district because you find dog presents on most streets and are surprised there aren’t more. The sun is going down and it would be unexpected that all these dogs belong to this young man. Whether they have to be registered and need checkups and shots is an unknown but a vet supply place is near so there is a need here that someone is making a living catering to. Putting his map away, the dog whisperer clutches all the leases in one hand and strides away, a pied piper. Animals love their people. This pack knows who their lead dog is even if they don’t know where he is taking them, and don’t care. What I’m asking is – why would you have a dog if you don’t want to take it for a walk?  
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