Trips start with me saying the name of a country three times while balancing on my left foot and hopping up and down, twice.

There are 195 countries in the world, according to Wikipedia, but I usually choose countries to visit that look warm and friendly, have good pictures from people who have been there, and good reviews by fellow travelers.

Sometimes friends and family give me their dream vacations in the middle of conversations about the deteriorating U.S. trade balance or the price of tomatoes.

Pat, who keeps flying with tech genius, suggested the Dolphin Fountain in Mazatlan, all the five star restaurants in Paris, the Great Barrier Reef for diving. In the Dominican Republic he likes LaRamada, the north side beaches, the grave of Christopher Columbus, Altos de Chavon and Casa de Campo. He has traveled more places for business than Scotttreks can ever dream about seeing.

To celebrate my ninth travel ring, I buy myself a brand new Dominican Republic guide book at Barnes and Noble, full of places to see, foods to sample, music to tap my foot too, places to hang my hat.

There are 195 perfect countries on this planet to meet, thousands of cool places to explore and friendly hospitable people in all of them..

Scott is getting ready to ramble but hopping is getting more and more difficult.


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