The keys to my studio apartment are old fashioned. One key opens the front door to the building. One key opens a security gate after you enter the front door. One key opens the front door of my unit 104 at 271 Piedras Street. The last key opens a door I don’t know about and don’t want to know about. The key issue is that four keys look the same, four fit into my apartment front door lock, but only one opens the door.  Looking for something to mark the key that works for my apartment door lock, a tie for a bread bag looks it will work. It is white, easy to bend, sturdy enough to hold up to use. With a few twists, the key I need,for entry to my front door, is now recognizable and I don’t need to stand at my door bumbling like a burglar. These days, keys are becoming obsolete. Now doors are opened with cell phones, plastic cards, lifting your palm to a screen, having your face screened by a camera. Some doors require passwords punched out on a keypad. Some doors take several people with different codes to open.  One thing is certain. Thieves will always be able to get in your home if they want too bad enough. Making entry harder only saves you from the lazy ones.  
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