When you see clouds turn this color, the sun obscured, visibility shrunk, the odds of it being the ” End of the World ” increase. I expect to witness armed Angels riding down out of the smoke on horses breathing fire, drawn swords ready to take off unrighteous heads and cut out un-repenting hearts. On my way to California to see Chris in a trauma center,whisked close to death in a car accident, these clouds are brewing in the desert north of Phoenix. They are the color of burning rubbish and are caused by forest fires to the north of Flagstaff. Ancient man must have seen these same clouds. They would have said the Gods were angry. We say a camper was careless with his matches. Pulled off the road, taking pictures, I preview the end of our world. We don’t all get out of this life the same way, but where we go next is a true travel mystery.  
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