This pier is at the end of the Perla Escondita Condos. With tomorrows departure looming, I find my Yo Yo, a bag of frozen shrimp, hooks and swivels and weights.

It takes a minute to figure out how to cast. You unravel your line in little loops on the deck, gently pick up the weights in your right hand while holding the Yo Yo in your left. Then, you cast the weights as far as you can and move the Yo Yo in the direction of your cast so the line doesn’t snap and whip the bait off. The heavy sinkers take the bait to the bottom.

I am not catching today but one of the ladies picked up by a tour boat, on this pier, snaps my picture.

Posts remind me of dipping a spoon into the sea and scooping up a teardrop of wiggling, squiggling, quivering, life.

When and where you decide to dip your spoon is up too you, but you are living life. planning for tomorrow, and tucking memories safely away for the road .

Later, your best memories can be brought out and relished like the fine pearls that they are.



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