Buildings on Marinduque run the gamut from simple to complex. They can be as small as this tiny wood frame square box with a thatched roof, unscreened windows, padlocked front door, built off the ground, no air conditioning ,no electric, no plumbing. They can also be more modern with fancy windows, air conditioning, tiled bathrooms and kitchens with huge refrigerators, huge electrical panels and hot water when you want it. Buildings here are nailed or screwed together, formed in concrete pours by the wheelbarrow,walls bonded by rebar to hold up to flooding and typhoons that can last for days. Local wisdom says to start your building from scratch in Mogpog  to get the best value for your money. Local legend has it that the last family to rent this little wood house saw their kids playing with ghosts and moved out in the middle of the same night. It hasn’t been occupied since.  
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