Golf and sunshine walk hand in hand in Arizona in 2015 like a retired couple on a perpetual honeymoon. The Happy Trails RV Resort surrounds a golf course and its golf holes wind through the development like a snake doing a break dance. The greens are good but fairways need attention with new owners cutting doglegs to trim overhead and maximize profit. Walking down streets named Trigger, Spur, Lariat,  there are yard decorations in abundance. In a golfing area, one is not surprised to find Golf Ball Man, a curious combination of super sized golf ball cells held together with wire skin and topped off with a driver, golf cap, sunglasses, and a determined look. He shoots under par, sinks thirty foot down hill putts, has no trouble with sand shots, drives like a twisting desert dervish. If you ask him, he will tell you you have to give him five shots a nine plus one mulligan an eighteen. He can up the bet on the eighteenth hole if he chooses, and you can’t tee up your ball in the fairway. Roy Rogers and Dale Evans are patron saints of this place but Golf Ball Man says his prayers in the pews. At night I hear golf ball man practicing his putting, and, whistling, ” When the Saints, Go Marching in….. ”  
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