It isn’t here yet but Halloween is galloping down the road and the headless horseman will soon be here. New Mexico and Mexico have much in common this time of year as our town celebrates both Halloween and Dia De Los Muertos or ” Day of the Dead. ” There is no border between the countries of Mexico and the United States and buses run regular from Juarez to Albuquerque. Everyone here knows border talk is just talk and the cultures of North, South and Central America are merging like shoppers at a great flea market. Brother Mark, visiting for a few days from Denver, wants a photo in front of the Breaking Bad Bus that takes visitors on a tour of Albuquerque locations featured on the popular TV series of the same name. Shopping, we find pinon incense for his wife Leigh in one of the shops off the main plaza. There are also flashy ceramic tiles, polished rocks, pinon coffee, chili socks, wooden Indians, serapes, Day of the Dead skulls and statues, turquoise jewelry. One shop has Breaking Bad posters on the wall, and, in another, Sheldon  looks at the world with his Big Bang Theory. When you say the words Halloween and Albuquerque, over and over again, you start to lose your mind. On the way out of Old Town, I scratch my head to make sure it is still up there, and, thankfully,it is. I’m on my way soon for Belize and Ecuador. I don’t, like this headless horseman, want to go anywhere without having something between my two ears. .
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