In the 1950’s, Patsy Cline was the premier country western singer. Her lyrics mirrored those of today; broken relationships, falling in and out of love, working for a living, heartaches and headaches. She was talked up in the tabloids, wore clothes as far removed from the range as a cowgirl could get, sang classic songs that still pop like champagne bubbles. ” Smokey “, Alan’s cookie jar horse, passes his time on the range listening to Patsy on headphones in Texas. When cowboys get hungry in the bunkhouse they separate Smokey’s head from his neck, reach for a peanut butter cookie,then carefully re-attach the head and neck in one sure handed gun slinging motion. Patsy’s best song is ” Crazy.” ” Crazy ” brings back memories of me and the construction guys sitting in an east side Albuquerque Waffle House, feeding quarters into a juke box, playing Elvis Presley and Rolling Stones hits while waitresses crooned out waffle and scrambled egg orders in raspy voices. ” Crazy” should be our new National Anthem. We don’t have trouble being crazy and Patsy sounds more prescient every time I listen to her.  
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