Every night, downstairs, the Hotel Playa offers entertainment.

It is sometimes a DJ spinning tunes. Sometimes it is a duo of classical guitars. On certain nights you can hear song smiths warbling out popular melodies. This particular evening we get flashy dancers in the restaurant  (La Terraza) performing for elderly guests who are in town for a bridge tournament.

The four dancers, two male and two female, wear sequined outfits and very little fabric.They are as lean as you can get and from staff we learn they are part time employees of the hotel who are paid to perform at night and practice for pay during the day.

For old men these are young women with good figures and for older women these are young men who wear frilled outfits, have good physiques and lift the girls easily over their heads. One supposes the male performers are gay but these days, considering the proclivities of show business, it doesn’t matter. The girls carry the show from where we sit.

Full of energy and movement, the dancers perform as a quartet, a duo, and even solo. Stage lights change from red to blue to green and at the end of each number dancers run off stage and go back to a little room for a change of costume.

The show lasts an hour and then, after the last dance, guests have a final cocktail, talk about the day’s cards, and  stroll back to their rooms.

The dance revue is entertaining.

Lifting even these light girls into the air while doing dance steps is no easy task and the dancers all have their moves remembered perfectly.

It is pleasing to watch people do things well that I can’t do at all.



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