Art, in many localities, is given a budget by city hall. Artists are commissioned to produce public art for public consumption. Public art springs up in parks, in downtown open spaces near city halls, by busy streets and intersections. The art is most often not controversial and makes people think about something other than themselves.

This modest sculpture, of kids climbing a rock feature, is close to shops by the business edge of the Fountain Hills park. Over six foot high, it has been positioned in a flower bed,close enough to be noticed, but not so close that it can be tripped over. It is weathered and has the same coloring as the trees and shrubs around it and doesn’t call attention to itself except it is about kids and people either like, or hate kids.

The little boys in this sculpture are climbing a rock feature..The little girl cradles her baby sister below them and admires a flower, not paying the boys efforts much mind. 

Boys and girls, for those who would wish otherwise, were never made the same.

We all love to climb, but we don’t all climb the same peaks.

There are plenty of mountains I can scale but does that make me more important than you?

Do women really want their men riding in the back seat of the family car?

What’s abnormal about caring for your baby sister?



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