This is not a happy tale. Broken in a car crash ,Chris, flown by helicopter to the hospital trauma unit, is fed through a tube, breaths through a tube,has a sensor pinned into the top of his shaved head to reveal brain activity. Staff shift his body position every four hours, nurses monitor instruments, follow Doctor’s orders, clean up movements. He is pale, his left eye is swollen shut. This hospital is modern, with waxed floors, clean bathrooms, refrigerated air, a cafeteria and Gift Shop on the first floor. It has departments for every part of the body, doctors, nurses and staff with name badges.Security officers carry weapons.  Visitors check in at the entry and get wristbands. Chris’s mom sleeps on a cot in her son’s room. Modern medicine does amazing things, but, right now, we need a miracle. This situation is even beyond a mom’s ability to fix. Watching my friend fight for his life, all we can do is pray that God is with him. Men are struggling right now just to keep the pieces together.  
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