Modern art is an oxymoron. When you go to galleries and see ” modern ” art you are seeing art done by masters whose works have critical interest and investors fretting over value. Modern Art in this gallery, this month, is Eduardo Sola Franco, an Ecuadorian native, who was not only a painter but a sculptor, stage set designer, illustrator, experimental film maker. He was born in 1915 and passed in the last few years. This is a retrospective of some of his output, which is voluminous. His art, like much Central and South American art, is conflicted, political, full of dark colors and religious symbolism. In America, we tend to keep spirits in their place, under the doormat. In South America, there is a rich tradition of giving spirits time in the spotlight. Franco’s art is tormented but he has been identified as a Modern master of Ecuador, a non-conservative gay man captured in a conservative culture. The Museum is quiet, free, with nice grounds, clean facilities, and bathrooms.  The art on the walls in this Contemporary Art Gallery is self absorbed,and, for this reason alone, completely of our time.
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