” We aren’t to feed the monkey’s, ” Mario says, much to the dismay of my fellow tour boat passengers.

” Monkey’s are loco…..If you knew what I know you wouldn’t want to get close to them. ”

Our boat stops at Monkey Island and several of the mammals come to the water’s edge to greet us.

One lone monkey scampers out on a tree limb, reaches his hand out, and a young tender hearted woman in another nearby tour boat gives him a Cheeto.

This group of monkey’s was marooned here years ago and they provide entertainment  in exchange for people food that isn’t even good for people.

Our foraging solo spider monkey, once he has his fill of Cheeto’s, leans down and drinks from Lake Nicaragua.

He might get hungry but he won’t ever run out of water.

Taking what someone freely offers you doesn’t count as begging.

This monkey and his business are not messing around today.






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