Music is a tougher taskmaster than writing, but not by much. Laid on the bed is a 1940’s Conn ” Naked Lady ” Alto Saxophone. Her sound is sweet, her lacquer finish is imperfect and worn, her response is excellent. This horn was bought at Baum’s Music Store in Albuquerque and cost two thousand dollars. You read about famous violins that are hundreds of years old but are still coveted. This model was used by Charlie Parker and it is hard to question ” Bird’s” musical talent and taste even if his personal life still raises eyebrows. Autumn will be here soon and leaves will fall from swaying branches. The leaves will tumble in space and then, before they hit the ground, will be sent back upwards by gusts of wind. Playing a good chorus of ” Autumn Leaves “, with no music, out of your own head, is worth working for. Music comes from places of dreams.
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