Ecuador has a new changing young generation. A still small number of its children have adopted the music, talk, style of other big city children around the world. There is graffiti in Cuenca. You see some tattoos, some ear piercings and dyed hair, torn levi’s with holes in them, a liking to turn raucous rap way way up. At a Gazebo in Parque Calderone, where adult protesters recently yelled against government tyranny, these kids are peacefully practicing dance moves. Each individual on the stage has his own routine, his own steps, his own personality. Ecuador is a country where you watch young people taking the arm of  mom or grand mom as they walk down a bumpy sidewalk. It is a country where older men, and women, still wear traditional attire of their village, bright skirts, black hats, braided hair, stoic looks. This new generation moves us into new times with a few bumps and grinds.. There are, however, worse things these kids could be doing than dancing in the park on a Monday night. If only all generational change were this easy.    
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