Metal can be cut, bent, welded, bolted, folded,stacked,sanded,smoothed. It can make incredible sculptures or just simple brackets. Protected from water, it lasts hundreds of years. Made from Earth’s minerals, steel is still a prime building material for our twenty first century.

Thom’s shop is full of automobiles from the fifties and sixties, stripped down, in various stages of renovation.Paint and body tools are where they were used last,collecting dust on the hood of a Chevy Pickup or the roof of a Ford mustang. 

Hanging in the paint booth are a hood and car door, suspended from a cable. The painter can walk around them, unobstructed, wearing a respirator and plastic paint coveralls over an old pair of pants, careful to keep the spray gun moving, not creating runs and catching all the nooks and crannies.

When the final coats of paint are done, Weston’s  El Camino will be a beauty.

Collectors want their gems to sparkle.

When you put lots of time, thought, and energy into a project you want it to be worth doing.


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