When you travel it takes half a day to do what you do at home in thirty minutes. At home you drive to Best Buy to get your electronics, order your stuff on line and it is shipped to you at half the price in a couple of days. When you travel you go forth on buying missions and aren’t sure whether you are going to find what you need. You know that in a big city like Montevideo, where everyone is playing with gadgets, there must be shops selling accessories. You just don’t exactly know where they are and whether you can communicate what you need. I take the old battery out of my language translator so they can give me the same thing new. My screen protector is still on my phone but its edges are frayed and it falls off every time the phone comes in or out of my right pants pocket. This electronics shop is on Sarandi Street before Constitution Plaza. It doesn’t have huge window displays and you have to be buzzed in through the front doors by a guy working the counter. Inside, I show him my dead battery and he finds a  replacement. He has the screen protector too.  Buzzed out of the store, I take a moment to get its location into my memory. When in Uruguay, you do it the way Uruguayans do. This store has a humble exterior but inside they had what I needed, when I needed it. Finding stuff I need in a new place is gratifying, but it is the stuff I need that I can’t buy that causes me the most heartbreak.
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