The last gato celebrated in this blog was sleeping on a window sill in Montevideo on a warm afternoon. Pickles is the newest feline to be celebrated. He has come, from Flagstaff, to stay at the Albuquerque homestead on Martingale Street for a month and a half. This move was unexpected but Pickles has decided, like most cats, that there is no use for worry. As long as food and water bowls are full, attention is available, and there are no dogs – all is good . He has become used to humankind and their peculiarities. This evening, several days into our acquaintance, the two of us watch the evening news. There is nothing on the news that either of us cares about. Both of us know there is nothing we can do to change the narrative, or the events. Pickles is a fine boy. It will be difficult for me to say good bye. Till then, he will brush against my legs, sleep curled up on a living room chair, and purr as I tell him fine things about himself that he already knows. When something questionable is said on the news, his right ear dips. He can spot phonies a mile away. In July, my niece Calley takes Pickles back to his new home in Phoenix and cat sitting is done. If only humans were as simple to understand as cats.
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