The Rambla is a paved course way that runs from Ciudad Vieja to Pocitos and beyond.

It runs along the sea where humans go to walk and talk, show themselves, build castles in the sand. There are animals, bike riders, skateboarders, old couples, young families, and tourists strolling here this morning.

Buildings along the beach are unimaginative as if beaches all over the world have been given up to developers who see things only in cost per square foot and know instinctively that boxes are the cheapest and quickest geometric forms to build.

A dog chases a thrown Frisbee floating on the incoming waves.

When the dog comes out of the sea, he brings his Frisbee back to his human companion and refuses to let go of it, shaking his head and keeping the toy from an outstretched hand. 

His human wrestles the Frisbee out of his dog’s mouth and  throws it back into the surf. The dog chases it, happy as a clam.

Dogs have a good handle on what they need.

Getting your master to love you is their ultimate prize.





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