Sometimes travel Gods give you good outcomes. You don’t have a plan, just strike out and do what seems to be interesting and they take you to places and events you didn’t know existed. When I started this morning I was going to go to the Centro to check out the Museo of Modern Art, but when I saw a Pocitos bus pull up things changed. I didn’t deserve to find the farmers market in Pocitos, but I did. I could have gotten off my bus anywhere, left the beach at any street. Instead, I ended up on the exact street I needed and ran into a local farmers market in the middle of Pocitos on the right day of the week, at the right time. Every Friday in this upscale community, at the intersection of Jose Marti and Chucarro streets, close to Avenida Brazil, there is a street closed off that becomes a marketplace. Some vendors sell out of custom made trucks, others have tents that shield them from the sun. Others have wares displayed on tables as people mill around looking for what they love. The produce looks great with vibrant color. There is lettuce, tomatoes, potatoes, condiments, apples, cucumbers, nuts and spices, and most anything else a chef would need. There is beef and chicken, cheese and fish, sausage and eggs. Vendors sell to an upscale audience that pays well for fresh. This event is commerce, the meeting of people who need things with people who have things to sell. This is one of the nicer areas of Montevideo I have seen, where old meets new and people with money and connections shop in old ways. Trade is one of the world’s oldest religions.
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